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A proud member of New York State District 6 Little League.

2015 Announcements!
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2015 District 6 All Star Tournament

The 2015 District 6 All Star Tournament kicks off Thursday, June 25th with 27 teams competing in three age categories. This year Big Flats is represented in all three divisions, 9-10, 10-11 and 11-12; with teams ably coached by Blitz, Miller and Juan, respectively. The first Big Flats game is Thursday, June 25th, on the Big Flats ballfield. The visiting team will be Mark Twain (11-12 division). The complete "Big Flat-ized" 2015 All Star Tournament Schedule can be viewed / downloaded by clicking here.

Alfred G. Registro
(1916 – 2015)

If you played baseball in the area since 1961 chances are you may have played a game or two umpired by Al Registro. A 2005 article in the Catholic Courier estimates Al, by the time of the article, over the past 50 seasons had umpired 3,600 games; and, "With the help of God, I want to work at least one game when I'm 90." We would find out that he surpassed that goal and umpired until he was 92. Sadly, we learned that Al passed away last Saturday, May 9th. His obituary lists his service to his country in WW2 and that he worked at Ann Page plant in Big Flats. Also listed was Al's involvement with the formation of the All Sports Banquet and the Chemung County Sports Hall of Fame. The Town of Big Flats honored Al by naming the street into the Big Flats Community Park Extension, Registro Way.

Al's family very kindly requested that Al be remembered through memorials to the Big Flats Little League. Memorials can be made to our mailing address or by way of our PayPal account.

By Mail
By PayPal
Big Flats Little League
P.O. Box 235
Big Flats, NY 14814

A PayPal account is NOT required¹.

¹ A PayPal account is not needed to use this feature. If you have a PayPal account you may certainly use it here or not.
Instructions for using PayPal:
1. Click the Donate button to load the Big Flats Little League donation page.
2. Fill in the desired memorial amount and click the Continue link found near the lower left of the page under "Don't Have A PayPal account?"
3. Fill in the identification and credit card information, review for accuracy, and click the Review Donation and Continue button at the bottom.
4. A final review page is displayed. Click the Donate $nnn USD Now button at the bottom to finalize the memorial.

The resulting page lists the memorial confirmation number and acknowledges that a copy of the reciept has been emailed to the email address you provided. You may also print that receipt using the link shown. An offer to set up a personal PayPal account is included on this page but you may ignore it if you do not wish to do so.

A wee bit of trivia:
In 1971, the Big Flats Community Days was attended by an estimated 15,000 people and held its first Indoor Queen's Pageant. The Big Flats Community Days Queen in 1971? I believe it was Roberta "Robin" Registro.

AAA and Interleague (Majors)

Standings will be updated as quickly as possible once they are received at info@bfllb.org . Everyone has been great so far so let's keep up the good work. Thanks.

AAA Standings and Schedule here.

Interleague (Majors) Schedule and Standings here.


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Little League Divisions Offered for 2015

Tee Ball - Ages 4, 5 & 6
     Players born after 01/01/2011 are LL Age 4.
Minors - Ages 7 & 8
     Age 6 may qualify if they assess up + 1 year of T-Ball.
Triple A - Ages 9 & 10
     Age 8 may qualify if they assess up + there is a need.
Majors - Ages 11 & 12
     Age 10 may qualify if they assess up + there is a need.
Seniors - Ages 13 thru 16
Challengers - Ages 4 thru 22
                      (If Still Enrolled In School)



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